Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drawings of 34pickup - Vic Vasselin

I knew him first as 34pickup and I look forward to his posting on Hank's Truck Picture Forum in the truck drawing forum - he posts under 34pickup.

I have since come to know him as Vic Vasselin. He is a full time truck driver and does truck illustrations and cartoons on the side. Vic's cartoons about the trucking life can be seen at
Tenfourmagazine.com - look for "truckertoons" or use the convenient link on this page -- Look for Truckertoons. There is also a full biography there on Vic.

I have wondered why someone would give themselves a screen name like 34pickup? I guess I would too if I had one. Vic also has 35 Dodge street rod pickup.

Vic tells me, " I draw trucks because I like them, specially old trucks." He's been honing his skill for 40 years. Some of his drawing require 20-40 hours to create. Besides Tenfourmagazine, he also contributes to a trucking paper in Pennsylvania called "Movin Out".

I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of Vics' talent. While I'm cranking out stuff on Photoshop, he is matching whatever I can create the good old fashioned way - by hand, pen, ink, and pencil.

Here are a few of my favorites drawn by Vic ---

1953 Kenworth

Peterbilt -

1960 Diamond Reo-

1930's Mack Gulf Gas Truck -

These are just a few of Vics offerings. From time to time I will change some of the "side pictures"
and offer some more of his creations. Perhaps I might even add some of his toons -

Thanks Vic, keep up the great drawings!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Still Here - Dodge L-700 info too!

It has been a long time since we have had a white Christmas here in the southern tier of New York. It would have been the opportune time for that Highway 61 - 1946 GMC Snowplow to have arrived, it will have to wait.

I did order another dump truck - a 1949 International KB8 -SA by First Gear. It should arrive next week, giving me time to think about where it's going to go - my wife thinks I need a room just for my models, I agree.

One "truck gift" did arrive, a gift from my wife which I will really enjoy. I think it might even help with my truck identification.

This is a great book about the trucks I remember from the 60's. It covers Autocar, Brockway,
Chevrolet, Diamond T - Reo, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, IH, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, White, and others such as Marmon and Hendrickson.

One truck that I didn't find though was the Dodge L-700 introduced in 1966. Perhaps because it was considered for light duty purpose, that may have been reson for its omission. However, as a modeler I have found like others, there is not too much info on this model - so I thought I would put up some here in picture form.

Hope you all had a Great Christmas. I know I did! Looking forward to the new year - and some more old truck finds!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Farm trucks of younger days

My cousin recently sent me a box of letters containing some that had been written between my grandmother and my mother around the time of my birth, some letters referred to some trucks we had while I grew up on the farm.

I was born in 1952, the third and youngest of my parents sons. My parents were farmers back then, running a dairy farm on 200 + acres.

Of course we had trucks - and that is what these posts are supposed to be about. So here, are some of the trucks I remember, and a truck my brother remembers from before my birth.

My parents bought our farm in the late 40's. Their first farm truck was a Ford F-1.

I hope my brother checks this out to verify his remembrance. The first truck I remember, bought either just before I was born, or that year, was a grey Willy's Jeep pickup - for some time we kept the Willy's brush gaurd, probably still on the old farm.

I can remember - barely - riding in this as a very young child. Our next truck was an orange International pickup, bought around 1956. I don't think my dad liked it because it lacked 4WD.

The next vehicle we had didn't stay very long - I saw it as an interim and don't know to this day if we bought it or borrowed it. It was a GMC Panel Van .

I remember it was a "hot" ride in the summer time - maybe that's why we got rid of it in late 1957. The truck we had just befor my sister was born in 1958 was a white over blue Willy's Jeep
FC-170 with a stake body. I have written in a past blog about this truck - my dad had 4WD again, and it was my favorite truck.

The Jeep lasted till about 1963. We then purchased a Ford Econoline Van - it took us to Oklahoma and back again. The van was a six cyliner window van with removable seats so my dad could haul his tools. My mom drove this a few times, once loosing control on ice and putting it into a ditch - she suffered a bronken arm.

The last truck we had before I went away was a 68 Dodge Sportsman. It was also a straight six and a window van. I dated my wife in this van when my mother wouldn't give up the dodge Dart.
When my dad died, my brother got this and drove it for some time.

The Dodge in the above picture is a 64 - the color is right, but this is the "short" version, we had the longer 68.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Twelve Trucks of Christmas

Time for a little sing along - you know the tune!! Don't forget the repeats!

On the first day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

A GMC -950

On the second day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Two Mack Bulldogs - (repeat first truck)

On the third day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Three White Freightliners - (repeat second and first trucks)

On the Fourth Day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Four Autocars - (repeat third, second, and first trucks)

On the fifth day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Five Diamond T's - (repeat fourth, third, second and first trucks)

On the sixth day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Six Chevy's for haying - (repeat five to one trucks)

On the seventh day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Seven Fageols a brimming - (repeat six to one trucks)

On the eighth day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Eight trucks for milking - (by now you should know the routine)

One the ninth day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Nine Hayes entrancing

On the tenth day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Ten Willy's for Jeeping

On the eleventh day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Eleven Peterbilts' piping

On the twelve day of Christmas the truck man gave to me -

Twelve Kenworths' a humming

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays -

Monday, December 01, 2008

1946 GMC Snowplow 1/16 Scale

I've said this before, "my wife spoils me". She has ordered this from one of my favorite places,
Jeff's' Collectibles. So, I called Jeff this morning to ask if it would be OK to do a little advertising for him. If you collect die-cast trucks, I would recommend Jeff's. If these two links don't work,
try the link at the bottom of my sidebar.

Gosh, at 56 it's hard to feel like a kid again - this works!!

Jeff also has some real nice die-cast cars for you car fans. Thank you bears (my wife) and Jeff - I can't wait ----

AMT - Re-Issue of White Freightliner Dual Drive Tractor

Good news for truck model builders, Round 2 LLC - AMT has announced the release of the White Freightliner Dual Drive Tractor. It will be available through TOWER HOBBY, they expect an early release late spring of 2009. I cant wait!!

The picture above was made using the AMT advertisement picture and re- coloring it. Hope I can build my future kit up like this.