Monday, December 01, 2008

1946 GMC Snowplow 1/16 Scale

I've said this before, "my wife spoils me". She has ordered this from one of my favorite places,
Jeff's' Collectibles. So, I called Jeff this morning to ask if it would be OK to do a little advertising for him. If you collect die-cast trucks, I would recommend Jeff's. If these two links don't work,
try the link at the bottom of my sidebar.

Gosh, at 56 it's hard to feel like a kid again - this works!!

Jeff also has some real nice die-cast cars for you car fans. Thank you bears (my wife) and Jeff - I can't wait ----

AMT - Re-Issue of White Freightliner Dual Drive Tractor

Good news for truck model builders, Round 2 LLC - AMT has announced the release of the White Freightliner Dual Drive Tractor. It will be available through TOWER HOBBY, they expect an early release late spring of 2009. I cant wait!!

The picture above was made using the AMT advertisement picture and re- coloring it. Hope I can build my future kit up like this.