Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Brockways --- The trucks of Barney & Dickenson, Vestal, New York

     I found out about this amazing collection of old Brockways through a post on THE BROCKWAY TRUCKS MESSAGE BOARD, and could not resist the opportunity to go down the road to Vestal, New York to photograph the collection myself.  And so after a call to BARNEY & DICKENSON to gain access to where these great old Husky's a resting, I set our date for 4/13/12 -- Friday the 13th.

     It was to be the best Friday the 13th ever -- more about that in a latter post. So here for your viewing pleasure are not only the photos I took, but also some photos found on the net showing those Brockways in their hay day ----

    What a great day!!!!