Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mack R685 -- Transformation

Last weekend was spent with our son Garrett in Buffalo, and of course I could not resist the opportunity to spend the gift certificate he got me for NIAGARA HOBBY in Cheektowaga, about ten minutes from his house.
I had already decided on my purchase if they had it, the recent release of the AMT PEERLESS LOGGING TRAILER.

Well, I walked in, went back to the model section and there it was -- along with all the other AMT truck releases. So, that was part of my "purchase". I will write about my other acquisition at a latter time.

What I had NOT taken into consideration (this being my first logging truck) was the need for a donor tractor to complete the rig.

I gave some thought to utilizing my PETE 359 -- NO WAY after what I went through to get that kit!! So I opted for the MACK R685 -- it looked just right for the job.

First I had to make some very minor modifications, like the removal of the MACK'S fifth wheel to make room for the front "bunk" and rack. That done, the rest was a cinch --

Friday, February 26, 2010


A follow up on the AMT / ERTL MACK DM600 and AMT TRAILMOBILE Double Trailers -- DONE!!!
I tried decals and color was too thin and the decal would not form to the ribs on the trailer's sides. So, while not correct, I opted for signs with the ROADWAY LOGO -- I think it looks OK!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Finishing Up The Roadway Trio --- AMT's DOUBLE HEADER

This is one of those kits by AMT that I always wanted to build, and I thought it would look good with the MACK DM 600 Roadway truck.

One problem -- I knew this kit was a limited production kit, last done by STEVENS before AMT was acquired by ROUND 2 LLC. Also, where does one find 1/25 scale ROADWAY trailer markings in decal form?

The first problem was a fairly easy internet search that came up with three sites that "said" this kit was available. Of course you start with the cheapest offering and place an order -- thought all was going well until the order was canceled because the item was no longer in stock and the online store didn't know if they could still get it.

So, onto the next cheapest offering. Only this time I placed a call to check to see if what the site showed as available actually was. You can guess the answer.

Onto the third offering, called, left a message, and was called back --- HOO RAY -- they had it and it shipped out today!!! OF COURSE THIS WAS ACTUALLY THE FIRST PLACE I HAD FOUND THIS KIT AT!!!

That was one problem solved -- NOW PART 2, THE DECALS

HO scale only ---

I do not have the means to make my own, so I am currently using cutouts printed on paper from the blow ups of the HO scale -- NOT SURE ABOUT THIS!!

SO, does anyone have a better suggestion???? The ROADWAY lettering for the trailer sides nearly takes up a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. I have sized the decals and they are in jpg format.