Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diamond T Texaco Tanker and Friends

I was recently looking at another blog, "Rockin' down the Highway with Paul Grushkin" and came across the following picture in his tribute to Alton Kelley.

I don't think Paul would mind my use of this picture, it can be found elsewhere on the net. I had seen this truck before in a promotional model for Texaco, but had not paid attention to its' marque. Of course, I now know it to be a 1937 Diamond T.

Wow, how ahead of its time! Pure aerodynamic form in the most simplistic sense. A little modernization and this truck would make sense today.

I found yet another picture of the same truck, but with a DC-3 - one of my favorite aircraft. So here is that offering -

Thanks to the person on E-bay for that one. I also found an early Diamond T used by Gene Autry - now there's a name that will bring back memories to the "old folks".

Not done with my quest for more Diamond T's, I give you the following to enjoy.

Diamond T Cement Truck circa 1955 - Bubble Gum Card

Diamond T - Looks the same year as Gene Autry Truck

A Diamond T - needs some lovin care!

Thanks Alton Kelley, for your artistic inspiration, and helping me find more art in a great truck -
the Diamond T.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Found

Just found the picture of me taken in 1972 (my hair is actually short for me back then) building the AMT Autocar Dump Truck.

Where are they now?

I was looking back through some old photos and came upon the pictures that are the subject of this post. The first is that "truck model i'd kill for", the 1972 issue of the AMT Peterbilt 359 "California Hauler". This kit was built in 1974 as my second build of the Pete 359 when I lived in Oklahoma City (Please see April 2008 post). I bought it for about $13.00 back then. It's haulin the original AMT Flatbed trailer with an original issue AMT Cat DC-8. I gave this kit away when we moved from Weedsport N.Y. to our home in Horseheads. And to think it survived a cross country move! The photos were taken about 1973.

The next photos are of another AMT kit issued around 1972. My wife bought me this kit after my appendix was removed - none too soon. Somewhere we have a picture of a younger me sitting at the kitchen table putting final touches on this model - cost in 1972, about $16.00. It too was given away when we moved here. I present the AMT Autocar Dump Truck.