Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beverage Trucks -- 1920 -1960

While on a recent trip to Buffalo to visit our son, I happened into a flea market and came across this FORD COE beverage truck. When I purchased it for $15 dollars to add to my collection of models and die cast trucks, it did not have the A&W logos -- those are my doing.

Those of you that look at this thread from now and then know that I have been "absent" at periods -- this due to the time I spend on HANK'S TRUCK FORUM. This has NOT been time wasted though, as I have started a thread devoted to the obscure BEVERAGE TRUCK.

This thread contains lots of cool pictures of all kinds of "beverage trucks" and some forgotten brands of soda, beer, and dairy products.

Come take a look ----- The Beverage Truck -- 1920 -1960 -- Hey, you might even want to post a few pictures of your own, comments welcome too.