Saturday, July 02, 2011

Truck Spotting -- Greigsville, New York --- AUTOCAR COE and others

In the past few years, I can't count the number of times I have driven through this small town and missed this treasure trove of old trucks. This past week as Jan and I drove through, I spotted an old Loblaw's trailer that fortunately caught enough of my attention to make me turn around to take a picture. Am I glad I did!!!

As I parked, the first truck I spotted was this 1940's AUTOCAR COE staring at me.  I believe this truck was once part of the KEMP TRUCK COLLECTION and purchased at auction in 2009 --

Next to this sat a marvelous collection of old Mack's ---

An old International and background Ford ---

A 40's Chevrolet and old Divco

The Magnificent Mack AC

This beautiful Brockway 260

And I almost forgot ----- the Loblaw's Trailer

You can check out some of the other trucks in my FLIKR SET -- Trucks of York, New York.