Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Jerry Austin

Those of you familiar with that old TV series of many years ago , "CANNONBALL", will have no problems recognizing the character name of JERRY AUSTIN, he was MIKE MALONE'S sidekick. In the past year he has become mine.

But let's not get confused here, my JERRY AUSTIN is not the guy from that old TV series, that is just his handle over at HANK'S TRUCK FORUM - his real name is John.

Jerry is celebrating a birthday on January 12. This post is his birthday present.

Recently he started a post over on HANK'S TRUCK FORUM that concerns ROADWAY TRUCKS and how their markings have changed over the years. It was in part due to that post that I decided to rebuild a favorite model of mine mentioned in a previous post here -- THE MACK DM-600.

Well Jerry, I am sorry that I ain't giving this to you!!!! But you can enjoy it here and on the thread when I post it. In the meantime, have a GREAT BIRTHDAY my friend --- I'm looking forward to another year of your friendship!!

Oh yea, I forgot ---- THESE PICTURES ARE FREE TO USE!!!!!!

This model is available through MODEL ROUNDUP -- MAKE SURE IT ' S THE DM-600