Tuesday, May 06, 2014

All about BROCKWAYS ---

If it's BROCKWAY trucks you want, then you're in luck, there are groups and pages on FACEBOOK and a BROCKWAY forum on the WWW --

First let's cover FACEBOOK  groups, there are two called BROCKWAY TRUCKS --

1. Brockway Trucks

2. Brockway  Trucks

Both these groups offer many fine Brockway pictures, testimonials and personal stories -- Then there is a Brockway Page I recommend for owners of Brockways that want to register their trucks, also a good source for pictures and source of a fine publication know as "Brockway Today"

1.Brockway Today and The Brockway Motor Trucks National Registry 

Finally, there is a website that offers a forum and info about the Brockway Truck Preservation Association and the CNY museum that houses the Brockway Museum. They also host the annual Brockway Show in Cortland, NY.

1. Brockway Trucks Preservation Association

I hope that BROCKWAY fans who read this post will consider looking at one or more of these groups, pages, or web sites and sharing in the love of an outstanding truck make -- BROCKWAY!!