Thursday, February 26, 2009

31-32 REO Speedwagon - I got one more mile

Yes, it's still there. Checked on it yesterday and took more pictures. "It" is that 31or32 REO Speedwagon found on a back road near my home. Like all the good finds, it sits pretty well protected in an old barn.

This old truck has a story to tell - to someone who is willing to put some life back into it. It's not a "fancy" truck, but underneath, she's a thing of beauty. All it's looking for is a good home and lots of care.

SHE IS FOR SALE! I think the price is fair. It's a solid truck, REO built em tough, and she has held up well.

If you are interested in a good restoration project - this might be it!

I think this old REO has still got a few more miles to go ---


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trucking through "LIFE"

Hey, was over on Hanks the other day and found a Truck picture from the "LIFE MAGZINE PHOTO ARCHIVES". It made me want to check it out, so I did. What a treasure! There were enough pictures to put together another "video".

This video covers the years between 1940 and 1960. See how many trucks you can identify, and did you know that BOEING installed a gas turbine engine in a Kenworth back in 1950? It was the first gas turbine truck to deliver freight, you'll recognize it a the end of this video. It never went into production, but Ford actually had some gas turbines on the road in the late 1960's.

Enjoy ----

Sunday, February 22, 2009

National Transit Corporation - A Challenge To Readers

Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while know that one of my favorite trucks is the GMC COE's of the 1950 era. This post is about a particular GMC cab over that was driven by Joseph McKenna, father of John McKenna. John sent me the picture in an e-mail. This is what he wrote:

Hi George,
I like your blog. My father, Joseph McKenna drove 30+ years for National Transit Corporation out of Detroit Michigan. Their home office was in Lima Ohio. This is a picture from the mid to late 50s I am guessing. They moved to Dearborn Mi when a new Post Office was built at this location, or next to it in the early 60s, 62 it says on a plaque outside the PO. I remember him saying the terminal was moving because they wanted to build a new PO there. I think they must have moved in 59 or 60. I went to work at that PO in March 1998. Now I work in OKC
A few times he drove by the house and picked me up with this truck, asking if I wanted to go for a ride. What!! are you kidding me?? Oh yeah lets go. I was born in 52, so I was still pretty young. They eventually bought new trucks and over the years, rode in these 50s and 60s GMC city trucks. I remember him driving 70s and later GMCs as well, and a Ford Louisville. If you ever get any more National pictures, I would appreciate it if you would send it to me. There is a picture of the 70s model at Hanks Truck Pictures. They don't give permission to put it on the web. Maybe you could ask him. The yellow GMC pictured was driven by my father at one time, I am sure it has been to the house. National was bought by Holland, then TNT, and so on.
I have the ERTL 54 GMC Coke truck,and Great Dane 30ft trailer. I am going to paint it in National Transit colors. Kind of school bus yellow and black, with red wheels. I'll send a pic when I do it. I will have to decipher the colors of the National emblems.

He wrote again this morning with another story about his dad -

I want to tell you a story about my dad. You can print it if you want to, it's up to you. This was in the early 80s. I was a big guy, Pa was a big guy. Once I was going down a two lane road, with light traffic, and saw my father driving towards me in the opposite direction. We were right near a place in Romulus Michigan where a lot of truckers stop. He saw me and pulled over. I got out and asked if he wanted to get a cup of coffee with me at Southern Boy restaurant, he said ok. Well, he made a U- turn right there with a 40 ft trailer, and maybe tied up traffic for a minute or so. I drove about a block to the restaurant and went in. A fellow sitting at the counter says to me, "Did you see that crazy S.O.B. turn that big truck around right there in the road?" I answered, "yes, I saw him" Then he says, oh look, he' pulled in here. Hey, he's coming in!" I said "Oh yeah, Huh.' Then my dad walked in and said "Hi son", I said "Hi Pa". The fellow talking to me threw his money on the counter and ran out the door. We had a good laugh. If the poor guy would have stayed, we would have bought him coffee and had a good laugh with him.

That first picture is of John's dad in that GMC COE known as a "Cannonball". The next picture shows a National Transit GMC parked next to an International with the Holland Markings - it is from HANKS TRUCK PICTURES ---

The following picture was also found at HANKS TRUCK PICTURES - it shows the National
Transit Terminal --

This photo is from John, appears to have been taken in the early 1970's.

I hope John will add his comments to this post, but we both are hoping that some more pictures of these National Transit Trucks might show up.


You can drop me an e-mail through my profile or leave a comment - I am always looking for new truck pics.

Thank you John!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Wheels Do What?

Shame on me!!! I am after all a school bus driver. I first drove a bus at 19 in Oklahoma City, and now I have driven a school bus for my district for ten years, six of those years I have been a driver trainer, and for the last two years I have held a 19A Certified Examiners Certificate.

Shame on me!!! This blog has been going for two years, and I haven't posted any pictures of the best truck ever - a school bus. Now some bus drivers may not consider their bus a truck, but come on, we do carry cargo - the most precious cargo ever.

I have always wanted a bumper sticker for my bus, "WE HOLD THE FUTURE IN OUR HANDS".

So it's about time for some school bus pics. And since my district drives Bluebirds, the first bus after the title page is Bluebird #1.

One thing to all the School Bus Drivers that may read this - WE NEED MORE PICTURES OF THE OLD BUSES ON THE WEB!!!!

I'll take donations here ---

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Highway 61 - 1/16 scale 1946 GMC Snowplow

It was a little late, ordered for Christmas, it arrived shortly after Valentines day - the 46 GMC snowplow my wife ordered from Jeff's Collectibles for me. The timing of its' arrival could not have been better - SNOW!!!

This item and a similar 46 Chevy Snowplow are now available through Jeff's Collectibles along with a host of other great truck die cast models. However, if you all don't mind, I think I'll stick to my snow blower for the big jobs.

Thanks to my dear wife for putting up with my obsessions and to Jeff Mumby for providing me with this great truck.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Three days on the back roads

I am fortunate that as a school bus driver, I get Presidents' Week off. It has afforded my wife and I time to explore some of the back roads of New York and Pennsylvania. As reported in my last post, this allowed for the finding of the 31 Reo Speedwagon. The following day we were on the road again near the hamlet of Risingville and spotted this old White Frieghtliner. Something doesn't look good about its' frame.

Then yesterday we had an unexpected but pleasant drive to Prattsburg. On the way through Savvona, NY, I spotted this Autocar Dump Truck.

I have to give Jan credit for these two photos, I never remember to carry my camera. All in all, it has been a good three days on the back roads of New York.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Early 30's REO Speedwagon - FOR SALE

WOW x 3!!!!

Who would have imagined when we started out from our house this morning to run some errands that I would end up on a country road near Watkins Glen and run across two people standing by an old barn looking at the subject of this post?

After yesterdays post about the old Studebaker, I could see this old REO being taken from out of the barn - some new spark plugs, drain and replace the oil, a new fan belt, battery, pump up the tires (duals in the rear with chains), about a gallon of gas, the keys were even in the ignition, (also note that newer oil cleaner), and she's ready to run.

The truck belonged to one of the two's grandfather, who passed away at 90. It looks a though it's been parked for a few years, and the original engine has been replaced by a Willy's. The flatbed was rebuilt, but the original bed is above the truck in the rafters. The original engine is across the street.

If you find yourself wanting a good truck for a restoration, this might be what you're looking for.


Old Studebaker Truck - It's Alive!!

You all have heard about those amazing "barn finds"? You know, where someone finds that old car or old truck as in this case?

Well here is one great video about a truck that had been sitting in a barn for thirty years - an old Studebaker Flatbed -

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's OK to comment - REALLY!!!

Yes, it is OK to leave a comment on any of my posts and hey, if you leave an email, I'll write back. That's what Franz did - he's from West Germany and left a comment on a post I did on the Mack H-63. Franz is one great truck modeler, and he is currently working on a resin kit of a Mack H-63.


Franz also sent some pictures of some builds he has done of some European Trucks - I am not good at identifying these models, so I will use the titles he gave.

MAN F8 Orientline No.1

Scania T142 H Silberente

I think this is Franz in the next picture with another of his great truck models. The picture says:

Austellung Haar bei Munchen (with two dots above the u in Munchen)

I know Franz's English is better than my German by far!! Franz also sent me this neat picture of a truck he photographed.

Hofbesuch Spiess Volvo FH16

I am always looking for trucks to add to my collection. Feel free to drop a comment, and leave a way for me to write back.

Thank you Franz -

Monday, February 02, 2009

Going Home - and a bonus!

It was an interesting weekend. First a trip to Auburn, then on Sunday, a trip to Ovid. It wasn't supposed to be a day for trucks, it was to be a day to see a snowy owl. The trucks were a bonus.

I grew up in this area between the Finger Lakes of Cayuga and Seneca. It was a surprise to find that old Chevy, the Ford Pickup, and a VW - Bus. The other trucks have been sitting along the side of route 96 outside Trumansburg for as long as I can remember - that's a long time!!!

Here is my Sunday Truck Surprise ----