Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yet another Peterbilt 352 COE

I will admit to the "trucker" readers of this blog that I am no expert at truck "aging" or even proper truck identification's. I get a little lazy when it comes to those details.

I believe this is about a 72 Peterbilt 352. I may be wrong, so feel free to correct me. The picture was found on the web and like the blue Pete of the previous post, I just liked the way it looks. I'll
admit a partiality towards the Peterbilts of that era 60's - 70's. They look like trucks - tuff, yet they invoke an art through their lines. So here, retouched in Photoshop again, is what I think is a great representative truck of that era - perhaps a 1972 Petebilt 352.

My thanks to C.J. Hall for his picture.

While looking through my "Pete Photo Files" I came across this Peterbilt 352 - so I'll go for a little Pete overload!!!

Nice trucks!!!