Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On The Road With The Birds and Trucks

Every opportunity we get, my wife and I go out for LONG drives trying to get lost on the back roads of New York, and Pennsylvania. I usually watch for birds for her and she watches for trucks for me. It's a time we both enjoy - especially when I end up with ONE truck and she ends up with 15 or more different birds. THAT IS A GOOD DAY - for me!

It was on one of those trips that WE spotted this old Brockway on our way through Dushore, Pa.

Our next weekend trip had us headed to Buffalo to spend Easter with our son Garrett. Of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to head out Sunday morning for a drive near Lake Erie. I made even with my truck score and her bird score.

This was my result - a pristine Peterbuilt 359, with an interesting hood ornament.

Then there was yesterday. A day trip to Ithaca and Dryden. I already knew I had at least one truck on my list. Jan clobbered me with birds!

My find was actually spotted coming back from Cortland during a bus trip. I believe this is a late 70's Brockway 359.

If you look carefully at the interior shot, you will see that the keys are in the ignition. Lucky for Jan, IT DIDN'T start.

The next offering is from a local road trip in Elmira. I was thankful that this was close by as neither of us had brought our cameras. I went back the following day to capture this late 20's Chevrolet.

So, I will have to admit ---- Birds and trucks are a fine mix, and those road trips aren't bad either.