Friday, February 20, 2009

The Wheels Do What?

Shame on me!!! I am after all a school bus driver. I first drove a bus at 19 in Oklahoma City, and now I have driven a school bus for my district for ten years, six of those years I have been a driver trainer, and for the last two years I have held a 19A Certified Examiners Certificate.

Shame on me!!! This blog has been going for two years, and I haven't posted any pictures of the best truck ever - a school bus. Now some bus drivers may not consider their bus a truck, but come on, we do carry cargo - the most precious cargo ever.

I have always wanted a bumper sticker for my bus, "WE HOLD THE FUTURE IN OUR HANDS".

So it's about time for some school bus pics. And since my district drives Bluebirds, the first bus after the title page is Bluebird #1.

One thing to all the School Bus Drivers that may read this - WE NEED MORE PICTURES OF THE OLD BUSES ON THE WEB!!!!

I'll take donations here ---