Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Great First Gear Mendon Fire Dept. Dodge Power Wagon Caper

On the way back from Rochester a few weekends ago, Jan and I decided to take the scenic route back home so I could truck hunt and we could take in a few antique stores on Route 20. It was at the Bloomfield Antique market that Jan spotted the subject of this post, a First Gear Dodge Power Wagon depicting a fire apparatus owned by the Mendon Fire Department in near by Mendon, NY.  The only problem was that it wasn't marked with a price so I had to ask. The model did not belong to the store, but to one of their vendors and he
had to be called to get the price of $35.00.  A little steep I thought, so I passed.

After getting home, I checked this find on line and found that this was a 1999-2000 release by First Gear limited to 720 produced.  I was a little upset now that I had passed on this purchase, so I checked again to see if I could find one online and save a trip back to Bloomfield.  I thought I had found one at Midwest Replica's for the same price and shipping was cheaper than the ride to and from the antique store.  I ordered one to find out after several calls latter that it was a discontinued item.

Well fortunately, we had to make another trip to Rochester for Father's Day.  And you guessed it, this was my Father's Day gift. The best part --- they had marked the price wrong, and I saved $10.00 on the purchase!!

A great find ----

Above is the Mendon Fire Dept. Dodge Power Wagon