Monday, November 17, 2014

Ward LaFrance Trucks now on FACEBOOK

Yep, that's right, WARD LAFRANCE TRUCK CORPORATION -- trucks 1916 - 1979  now has its' own FACEBOOK group. 

This group is about trucks built by the WARD LAFRANCE CORPORATION between 1916 - 1979, this includes military (WWII), OTR, and fire apparatus -- "The Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation was an American manufacturer of trucks and fire apparatus founded by Addison Ward LaFrance in 1916 in Elmira Heights, NY. The company ceased operations in 1979. LaFrance was a relative of the founder of the similarly named fire apparatus manufacturer American LaFrance. Ward LaFrance built tank wreckers for the US military, vans for United Parcel Service, over the road tractors, cement trucks, dump trucks, chassis for buses and trolleys, and armored cars. Perhaps the best known Ward LaFrance product was the P-80 "Ambassador" model of pumper, which was used as the fictional Los Angeles County Fire Department Engine 51 on the 1970s television program Emergency!.

So all you need to join is have a FACEBOOK account, then send a request for membership to --- 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Absolutely awesome AUTOCARS now on Facebook

Looking for AUTOCARS? Well now you can find them in several FACEBOOK groups (if you belong to FACEBOOK.

1st there is a group I started and administrate called "The Autocar -- Trucks from 1909 - 1980" -- this group is meant for Autocars' built before 1980 but a few sneak in once in a while built in the 80's.

2nd we have a group which I co-administrate called " Friends of the Autocar". This group was started by Ted Goldborough and was intended for AUTOCARS built in Ardmore,Pa. and Exton, Pa.

3rd there is a group started and administrated by Alan Sexton for everything AUTOCAR called "Autocar Enthusiast". This group cover all AUTOCARS no matter what year it was built, or by what company.

4th is a new group called "Autocar Truck Nuts for Everyone". This group offers older AUTOCARS, but its' focus is on the AUTOCARS built post 1980.

5th there is a group administrated by Keith Bunner called "Autocar". A fine group that includes all models of AUTOCAR.

Hope to see you in any of these great groups!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

All about BROCKWAYS ---

If it's BROCKWAY trucks you want, then you're in luck, there are groups and pages on FACEBOOK and a BROCKWAY forum on the WWW --

First let's cover FACEBOOK  groups, there are two called BROCKWAY TRUCKS --

1. Brockway Trucks

2. Brockway  Trucks

Both these groups offer many fine Brockway pictures, testimonials and personal stories -- Then there is a Brockway Page I recommend for owners of Brockways that want to register their trucks, also a good source for pictures and source of a fine publication know as "Brockway Today"

1.Brockway Today and The Brockway Motor Trucks National Registry 

Finally, there is a website that offers a forum and info about the Brockway Truck Preservation Association and the CNY museum that houses the Brockway Museum. They also host the annual Brockway Show in Cortland, NY.

1. Brockway Trucks Preservation Association

I hope that BROCKWAY fans who read this post will consider looking at one or more of these groups, pages, or web sites and sharing in the love of an outstanding truck make -- BROCKWAY!!