Sunday, July 29, 2012

William H. Campbell's LIFE MAGAZINE Autocar Ads

As you read in a previous post about the AUTOCAR illustrations of William H. Campbell, the first ad using his art work appeared in 1942, it was still rendered in B&W, and appeared in the August 23 issue of Life Magazine --

UPDATE: 10/6/2012 -- the statement above was based on what I then knew and that was not enough. Actually, Bills' first ads appeared in 1942. Below is a link to the COMLPETE work of Bill Campbell --


The first color ad by Bill appeared in the Oct 23, 1943 issue of Life and was also a war related illustration.

The last of three ads using Bill's art in 1943 appeared in the Dec. 20, 1943 LIFE issue --

1944 was the best year as far as Bill's Autocar ads were concerned, the first showing up amongst the pages of LIFE in the January 4, 1944 issue --

The next ad is from Feb. 28, 1944 --

This comes from March 20, 1944 ---

This ad is one of my favorites from the May 15, 1944 issue --

The next ad from 1944 is from the June 12 issue --

Then July 3, 1944, this was the ad for Autocar --

Followed by the ad for the week of August 14, 1944 --

LIFE would not carry any more of Bill's ads in 1944, using other artists, until 1945. The first of Bill's works to show up in 1945 was in the Jan. 22, 1945 issue --

The first ad not to use a war theme appeared in the Feb. 12, 1944 weekly --

Then came this Autocar ad for 1945 in the March 5, 1945 LIFE --

The next ad would come in the LIFE of May 14, 1945 --

The last ad of 1945 was this one from the June 4, 1945 LIFE -- Autocar continue to run other ads, but did not use Bill's works.

Bill's final piece that I could find in the pages of LIFE MAGAZINE was this from the week of March 4, 1946. Although LIFE did not carry more of his works, such magazines as TIME, COLLIERS and LOOK Magazine did --- that will be the subject of another post as I try to document the works of William H. Campbell.