Monday, May 05, 2008

Dodge L-700

Another of my early truck model memories is from the 1970's. That was when IMC came out with a model of the Dodge L-700 Tilt Cab. They also offered a few trailer options. I built this kit up twice in the 70's, but all those truck models from back then are long gone.

So, when I discovered that Lindberg / Hawk was going to reproduce this model, I was pleased.
That, I am sorry to say, did not last after I purchased the kit and found it to have severe mold problems resulting in lots of flash and miss-shaped parts. I am happy to say that L/H was very accommodating in replaceing parts and went so far as to send me another whole kit - so now I have built their kit twice.

Ernie Petit, president of L/H listened to my complaints with patience and understanding - a modeler himself he understood my concerns and made corrections in the new kits. The kit he personally sent me was one of those - 100% better than the original.

As said, I did manage a build of the first kit - with the short bed version of the trailer: