Sunday, June 29, 2008

Looking For Trucks

Took a little road trip in Gypsy (see Me in a Miata) over to Ithaca and decided to take a camera.
I have always wanted to go back to a place of my childhood memory, the Vanfleets.

Growing up on a farm, one of my fond memories was our fruit stand. Every summer we would stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables to sell at our stand. We sometimes would get our fruits delivered by the Vanfleets. I remember their trucks - one in particular, a GMC that I think is the one I captured on todays trip, and is shown in the first picture. My memory of this truck tells me it was black, and it used to have twin exhaust behind the sleeper. It was one neat truck in its day. I also found some old Brockways and a 1939 GMC COE in the same woods. On the way to Ithaca I also found a Ford 800 COE circa late 1960's.

1939 GMC COE

Brockways in the woods

Old GMC circa 1940

Ford 800 - on the road to Ithaca

Earlier in the day I had taken another trip not far from home to where I had seen an old White dump truck. That truck appears in my sidebar, but here are some more pics.