Thursday, October 16, 2008

AMT Mack Cruise-Liner - Re-Issue by Steven's Hobby

I'm sorry to say that the truck kits I built way back when are getting harder and harder to find. This build is not one I have done before, as I missed the original issue of the AMT Mack Cruise- Liner.

Once again, Steven's Hobby has come through with the re-issue of this kit. All in all it was a good build - even if in the instructions you had to refer to a parts list to get the correct number for the part shown in a particular step.

I miss those old AMT truck models, and hope that Steven's Hobby will continue to re-issue the AMT line of truck models.

The sign in the passenger window says " FOR SALE 1975 MACK CRUISE - LINER $ 25, 000 FIRM"

Any takers?