Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mack R685 -- Transformation

Last weekend was spent with our son Garrett in Buffalo, and of course I could not resist the opportunity to spend the gift certificate he got me for NIAGARA HOBBY in Cheektowaga, about ten minutes from his house.
I had already decided on my purchase if they had it, the recent release of the AMT PEERLESS LOGGING TRAILER.

Well, I walked in, went back to the model section and there it was -- along with all the other AMT truck releases. So, that was part of my "purchase". I will write about my other acquisition at a latter time.

What I had NOT taken into consideration (this being my first logging truck) was the need for a donor tractor to complete the rig.

I gave some thought to utilizing my PETE 359 -- NO WAY after what I went through to get that kit!! So I opted for the MACK R685 -- it looked just right for the job.

First I had to make some very minor modifications, like the removal of the MACK'S fifth wheel to make room for the front "bunk" and rack. That done, the rest was a cinch --