Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peterbilt 352 COE - Blue me away

Here is yet another truck I really enjoy. Back in 1972 I built a model of this truck, the kit was by AMT. It came with the trailer, and when built up it was a Budweiser truck.
That's another one of those models now long gone - given away when we moved here 24 years ago. I wish someone would re-issue that kit.

Well, I was on another truck site searching for pictures. I came across this one of a nicely done Pete 352 - simple elegance with just the right amount of pin-striping. I couldn't resist. If ever I find a 352 kit, I want to build it like this one.

Here is the picture as found ----

Here is how I did it up in Photoshop ----

Thanks to Hank's Truck Forum for the picture - special thanks to the submitter!!!!

UPDATE OF 5/30/09

Thanks to Jarrett Hallvin for his comment and sending me this picture of the model he built of his dads' truck --- subject of this post!!