Monday, June 22, 2009

Those "OLD SCHOOL" Trucks

When it comes to a "favorite era" of trucks for me, I would have to state that anything goes before the 1980's. But if I were to narrow it down even more, then I would have to say the period between 1950 - 1970.

I really like what I call the "old school" look of those trucks, especially the 50's era. Those are the trucks I remember from my "early childhood", and into the 60's. To me, they looked like a truck should look -- simple, beautiful, and tough.

They didn't need to be dressed up - they looked fine just doing what they did. So, I've spent some time these past few weeks, finding some saved photos and doing some reworking to come up with these renditions .

You can also find them over on Hank's ---- but don't tell anyone!!

50's Mack H -- Nigro Freight Line

And who will fault these two fine GMC's?


50's GMC 950 Cannonball with Champion Grain Trailer

And finally --- this Ford --

An early 50's FORD V-8 ---- Nigro Freight Lines

A note about "NIGRO" Freight Line ---

NIGRO, Tom Tom Nigro, 83, of Ashford, husband of Betty Jane Nigro, died peacefully in the presence of his family on Friday, (October, 17, 2008) in Mansfield. Born December 19, 1924 in Hartford, he was the son of first generation Italian Americans, Vito and Mary Nigro. Tom was a well known entrepreneur, a hard working husband with a wide network of friends and extended family. Seeing his family struggle and yet survive the depression years endowed Tom with boundless optimism and an irrepressible spirit that seemed larger than life. His zest for living was a boundless quest for the next opportunity and a joyful appreciation for family, friends and children. They learned to cook his Italian delicacies, grew up in a circle of love and returned again and again. Tom and Betty opened their home to numerous friends and extended family members who became generations of benefactors enriched by their loving care. They experienced deep and meaningful living and were absorbed into their ever expanding blended family. He received a Bronze Star Medal and an honorable discharge from service in the U.S. Army during World War II in Italy where he drove truck convoys through occupied combat zones. Tom founded Nigro Freight Lines, an interstate trucking firm in the 1950's. In the early 1960's he settled in Ashford where he began Hillcrest Farm and Equipment Company. With help from Betty, he launched the Wagon Shed Restaurant, bakery and antique shop. More recently he operated the Summit Farm Welding and Repair Shop and sold tools and machinery at local flea markets.