Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Peterbilt 359 x 2

What does one do when they don't have any truck models to take up some "hobby" time? Well in my case that's not hard. I go looking for great pictures on the net.

I found these two through Hank's Truck Forum (see my truck links). There are some neat trucks there, and some links to other truck related sites. I liked these two because of the way the picture was taken - allowing me to remove the background and artistically render the trucks.

I wish I could find more pictures of trucks with trailers - taken with a "corner perspective". The tractors alone are cool, but a trailer load makes it so much better.

My picture offering was modified once again in Photoshop. Two Peterbilt 359's - the beer truck can stop at my house any time!!!

As Homer Simpson would say, " HMMMMMM Beer!"