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Blue Diamond Fuel Company --- The Trucks of Domenico F. Proscia


"Domenico F. Proscia, Bari, Italy (1902? - 1980) started Blue Diamond Fuel Oil in Brooklyn, NY, Grandpa Domenico in 1929 when he had his first brand new Ice and coal truck. If you look at the plate, it says 1929. This is the year my Dad was born, Grandpa had the business going and now his first son all at the same time. What a great year it was for him and my grandmother even though it was the year of the great depression." --- Domenic F. Proscia

I always appreciate when someone takes the time to send an email regarding one of my posts here. Thus was the case a couple of weeks ago when I got an email from Domenic Proscia, the grandson of the gentleman in the picture above. Domenic had read a post I put up about Brockways and he said it brought about a flood of memories about his grandad and his days with BLUE DIAMOND FUEL COMPANY.

BLUE DIAMOND is located in Brooklyn, New York. It was started back in the 1920's by Domenics' grandfather Domenico.
It is still a family owned business that survives today in Brooklyn.

The best part of Domenics' email is that he stated that he had some pictures of some old trucks used by his granddads' company  and some were BROCKWAYS. He asked if I were interested --- of course I was, and thus began a new friendship.

So, below are the pictures he sent -- not all Brockways, but some neat old Whites too. The captions below the pictures are Domenics own words.

"Grandads' 56 Brockway" --- Domenic F. Proscia

"1961 Brockway this truck was my Uncle Richie's he lives in Florida now the last of the living original Blue Diamond Family this truck had a blown governor and it would run 80 to 90 on the highway." ----- Domenic F. Proscia

"1965 Brockway this was my Uncle Mikes truck this truck was a real work horse with class". -- Domenic F. Proscia

" 64 White Mustang. This was the only truck that my Grandfather and my Grandfathers brother Willie purchased while thier sons were on vacation. This truck was terrible and I was stuck with it for a short period of time, so I made the best of it and when I got Engaged to my wife I painted her name on the front " Little Nancy " ---that made me feel better." ----- Domenic F. Proscia

"1963 White 3000 "bubble cab" we purchased this one used it was a great truck except the shift was about 3ft long and it felt like you shifted all the way to the other side of the cab." ----- Domenic F. Proscia

"1974 White Expeditor. This was a beautiful truck. The oil tank that is on it came off the 1961 Brockway. The one problem with this truck if you didn't unload the fuel going from the back to the front and if you let off the clutch fast you would pop a wheelie because the rear of the tank extended over the axel. This was a design transition we were trying back then in the middle 70's." ---- Domenic F. Proscia

I can not thank Domenic enough for sharing those pictures, but more importantly for sharing the love and respect he had for his grandfather. Domenico came here from Italy searching out the American Dream. He built a company, survived the Depression, and had a great family --- I wish I could have known him.

thank you Domenic ---

For more about the history of the BLUE DIAMOND FUEL COMPANY --- just click on this or any link in this article. There are some more pictures too!!!

UPDATE --2/13/12 --- Kate Prosia

Dear George,

  My name is Kate Proscia. I am the oldest daughter of Domenic Proscia.  I can not thank you enough for that beautiful article . My father forwarded me the email this morning.  You have put a big smile on both of our faces.  The love and respect my Dad had for his grandfather and Blue Diamond is something no one could ever understand or put into words.  Growing up as a young girl I heard countless stories and had the opportunity to visit the company when my grandfather was still alive.  I was the only little girl that wanted to ride in an oil truck and wear the jacket promoting the company with nothing but pride.  I was only one when my great grandfather past but the love and respect I have for that man is endless. It is the same respect I have for my father.  That respect carried so far that I named my second son Vincent Domenico, so that my boys know that it was hard work and determination that allow them all that they have today. So from the bottom of my heart thank you so very much for honoring my great grandfather and my father with that article and pictures.

 With much thanks,

 Kate Proscia

Thanks Kate ---