Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Cannonball" GMC 950

I believe the year was 1958. I was six years old, yet in my minds eye I can still see that GMC 950 driven by Mike and his friend Jerry in the long lost TV series "Cannonball" .

Few remember this show that aired from our Canadian neighbors for three seasons. I do remember the truck, which can be seen here ---

This show would latter spawn such trucker shows as "Movin On" and B.J. and the Bear. Both these TV shows were good, but nothing can match the original. It might have been due to "Cannonball" that I now have a love of trucks. I know that it was because of this show that I did an internet search for a model of the GMC 950 - best I could come up with was a 1/25 scale 1954 GMC series 950 by ERTL. It is die-cast, but goes well with with my other trucks. My wife got it for me as a Christmas gift two years ago.


  1. I have been a fan of cannonball all my life, I would sit in grade shool and watch the semi trucks roll by. I often wondered where they had been and where they were going? we lived on a main US HIGHWAY to Wisc & the U P of MICH. After a hitch in the service my trucking career has spanned 33 yrs. & many memories. All our kids spent time in those old Freightshakers. Cannonball did have a big influence on me, I've seen 47 sates & 6 canadian provinces, It's been quite a ride. " THE LITTLE DIPPER"

  2. How I remember the TV show "Cannonball". I loved it.It may seem strange, but I felt that I was riding in that big truck and at the age of 13-14 I had a huge crush on "Jerry Austin". I have talked about this show over the years to many people but no one remembers it. So tonight I decided to look it up on line and Bingo! That familar song, and the truck with the two familar faces on u tube brought back some happy memories. thank you.
    Stony Acres , Canada

  3. G'day from Down Under. Cannonball even made it to Australia and I lived it. As a 6 yo I saved for ages and bought a model of the truck (actual model of the real thing, I think), but it was given away, never got over it.Anyway thanks for reminding me of that show. Needs a comeback.

  4. I've got a Collectors Series Truck, It's a 1954 GMC Model 950 with a Great Dane trailer I'm trying to get rid of... If any of you are interested you can check out posting number 1087260206
    Or just email me at It's all in the original packaging and in the box... Let me know if you're interested!

  5. Can anyone tell me what colour the rig was

  6. That show, together with the truck and drivers takes me back to a far simpler and happier time. The truck drivers truly looked professional as indicated by the uniforms worn by Mike Malone and Jerry Austin. I loved that show and wish some classic tv station would put it on again. I would love to see it again.While I have a great deal of respect for most truck drivers for the professionalism still shown today. I have been on the road with a couple driver pals of mine and I have seen too many of those drivers who look and act more like slobs than the professional drivers they are supposed to be. Mike Malone and Jerry Austin, to me, represent everything a truly professional driver should be.

  7. Used to watch this TV show as a kid back in Colo. If you like old trucking movies, try Hell Drivers made in England. Used Dodge trucks made in West London. You'd also be surprised who's in the movie. Thanks for the reminisce; Paul, UK.

  8. I too loved to watch Cannonball as a kid and wished the reruns would come back. I just purchased two Ertl 1:25 scale 1954 GMC tractor trailers. One has the Budweiser logo, trailer and cab in red, the other is a yellow trailer with the Coca Cola logo. Paid $25 for one, $75 for the other. Two good deals on eBay and

    I have seen others available from $80-200 in the Bud logo, red or black, True Value Hardware, Coca Cola, and Weir McNeil, a heating boiler company. Prices vary.

    Keep your eyes open if you want one. Good luck.

  9. The Show also aired in Great Britain. I remember as a six year old (1961)being allowed to "stay up late" to watch Mike and Gerry. I waited in vain for the next series. I definitely recall another truck featured in the show. It had a flatter, taller-looking cab. Does anyone know what it was?
    Great memories of those days.

  10. Do u want to sell ur cannonball?

    1. That Budweiser Cannonball was a special gift. No way I'm selling it!!

  11. Hi, i to remember the series here in the UK, i really enjoyed it then and used to look forward to it comeing on, recently i've been trying to find episodes and did manage to get four from ebay, i would love to know if otheres are knocking about somewhere or perhaps the full series, also been looking at the resin kit makers to try and find a GMC 950 cab and sleeper but so far it's a no go, i am pleased to hear there is a di cast one in my preferred scale tho, (1/25th) i will keep looking on ebay for one, Wondering if it's worth contacting network video here in the UK as they release many of the old "ITC entertainment" shows, see if the original masters of this series still exist, great to see all the interest in this wonderfull old show, ian, portsmouth, UK


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