Saturday, May 31, 2008

Revell / Germany Peterbilt 359 - "Old Yeller"

Prior to the build of the AMT Peterbilt 359 mentioned in an earlier post from this site, I just had to have an example of a Peterbilt 359 - even if it wasn't the "narrow window" type of 1969.

I chose the Revell / Germany kit. I made a photo copy of a page from the instruction sheet and did up "my paint scheme"
in Adobe Photoshop.

This was a fun build, could have done even more detailing. Doors open, engine hood too. I left the top of the sleeper un-glued so it can be removed to show the bunk. I did not like the air-dam above the sleeper, so my Pete doesn't have one.

The decals must be placed carefully, and I had to make new pins (from cut paper-clips) for the exhaust stacks.

This truck is now "hauling" a 1/24 scale tri-wheeled trailer.


  1. Nice job - love the Winslow Stripes! Great idea to use the instruction sheet for color selection.


  2. Hi!
    Nice jobb, but this is a EU trailer!

  3. Nice job, but is a EU trailer!


  4. You got to use what you got ---

  5. Very nice Job, I own and drive an 82! What is the Kit model # so I may find one and duplicate my truck?

  6. Kit is out of production, but you still may be able to find one.

    REVELL/GERMANY kit# rvl07542 PETERBILT 359

  7. LOVE the pics and that model. WOW. i am a truck guy too. models and pics. die cast models

  8. @ Youknow
    I got a Peterbilt with Budweiser
    Maybe we can get in touch


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