Thursday, June 26, 2008

Memories of Macks

Another of my childhood memories of the early 1960's concerns a day when I ended up in the hayloft of our barn. The front doors to the hayloft were open letting in the smells and sounds of a summer day. Our old barn sat facing Route 96 that ran between Ithaca and by our home near Trumansburg. As I lay on my bed of hay I was drawn to attention by the BLAT, BLAT, BLAT roar of a truck as it downshifted for the approaching hill. I looked out the doors to see a Mack similar to the style in the picture. It was an Armour Meats truck painted in Armours' colors of black and silver. The sound I heard was the engine adding brake power and that engine through twin exhaust. I loved for the look of that truck, and knew even at 10 that I would love trucks forever. So this post is dedicated to that day and to Macks.

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  1. The smell the sound the look, maybe one day I to would be in control of one of these Beasts. Billy Macumber 1962 ten years of age. Sunbury Melbourne Australia.


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