Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diamond T Texaco Tanker and Friends

I was recently looking at another blog, "Rockin' down the Highway with Paul Grushkin" and came across the following picture in his tribute to Alton Kelley.

I don't think Paul would mind my use of this picture, it can be found elsewhere on the net. I had seen this truck before in a promotional model for Texaco, but had not paid attention to its' marque. Of course, I now know it to be a 1937 Diamond T.

Wow, how ahead of its time! Pure aerodynamic form in the most simplistic sense. A little modernization and this truck would make sense today.

I found yet another picture of the same truck, but with a DC-3 - one of my favorite aircraft. So here is that offering -

Thanks to the person on E-bay for that one. I also found an early Diamond T used by Gene Autry - now there's a name that will bring back memories to the "old folks".

Not done with my quest for more Diamond T's, I give you the following to enjoy.

Diamond T Cement Truck circa 1955 - Bubble Gum Card

Diamond T - Looks the same year as Gene Autry Truck

A Diamond T - needs some lovin care!

Thanks Alton Kelley, for your artistic inspiration, and helping me find more art in a great truck -
the Diamond T.

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