Saturday, August 23, 2008

Highway 66 - 1941 Chevy Flatbed / Finzio's Sinclair

There's a story behind the subject of this post. I saw this die-cast being offered at a car show I was at a few years back. They wanted too much, so I went online and found it at 3000Toys. When I received it, I had just finished reading Burt Levy's "The Last Open Road", a work of fiction based on the early days of sports car racing. It centers on a fictional garage location - FINZIO'S of Passiac, N.J.

So, my 41 had a sign made up reflecting this. It also has an appropriate load (out of scale) of a
Jaguar XK -140.

Good book. Great Truck - even if it wasn't really a part of the story.

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