Sunday, November 02, 2008

"They Drive by Night" - Sterling Truck?

I found another picture of a truck mentioned in an earlier post about the Bogart / Raft movie, "THEY DIVE BY NIGHT".

When I looked closely at this picture, I noticed what appears to be another set of wheels behind the rear duals. I checked other pictures, and the only one that shows that this might have been the way the truck was set up, is the picture used in the earlier post.

If you look closely behind the left rear dual, you can just make out the shadow of another tire. I wonder if this is how the truck was set up? Anyone know?

UPDATE: ---- Recently the model used in the accident scene was sold at auction -- sale price was $25,300. Below is a picture from the sale --

And here is some info I found on the model before the sale --


  1. just checking your site George & made me think of the 1940's-I had to drive a pretty good size truck from Ovid to Auburn twice a week to pick up 120 200 pound propane tanks-can't remember what type of truck, but being just a young guy, was kinda uncomfortable in the winter-Dad

  2. Depending upon the weight of the load they carried, they could jack down another axle (two-wheeled) to take strain off the existing axle. You can still see this today, usually on mixed concrete trucks.

  3. Johns Iron SanctuaryDecember 20, 2010 at 3:20 PM

    The Sterling truck used in the movie "They Drive By Night" is actually a model. I believe it is 1/4 Scale. The model exists today. I don't know who has it.

  4. Johns Iron Sanctuary is right -- in part. A model was used in the movie, but not for all scenes. It was used in the scene where Bogey rolled the truck down the embankment thus sparing the real truck. The Model received about 90 seconds of screen time.

    It still exists today and was in the possession of James Brucker of California as of 1995 -- I wonder if he still has it???

  5. You have solved a longtime question for me! This was my mom's favorite movie, and I still enjoy watching it. Now, no more arguments about "who made the truck?"


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