Thursday, October 16, 2008

AMT Mack Cruise-Liner - Re-Issue by Steven's Hobby

I'm sorry to say that the truck kits I built way back when are getting harder and harder to find. This build is not one I have done before, as I missed the original issue of the AMT Mack Cruise- Liner.

Once again, Steven's Hobby has come through with the re-issue of this kit. All in all it was a good build - even if in the instructions you had to refer to a parts list to get the correct number for the part shown in a particular step.

I miss those old AMT truck models, and hope that Steven's Hobby will continue to re-issue the AMT line of truck models.

The sign in the passenger window says " FOR SALE 1975 MACK CRUISE - LINER $ 25, 000 FIRM"

Any takers?


  1. The model looks great. Was it a hard one to build? I've just bought the 2008 reissue and cant wait for it to arrive to start!

  2. Joe,

    If you follow the instructions, plan your painting before building, and you are careful with the "tilt cab", this is a straight forward build. I usually start with the chassis, building this up as a complete unit with all axles, and painting as a unit. The engine comes next, building the main engine, painting, and then adding the smaller components. The trick to a nice model is to plan ahead on how your going to paint.

    I have been asked about the decals - they are from the Revell - Germany Peterbuilt 359. If you like this build, I hope you will try the White Freightliner when released in May of this year.

  3. Hey, I see the last comment was from '09, but I'll try to reach you. I feel truck model building is a dying breed, but at 44, I still love it! I see round2 is re-releasing some of the old school rigs again. I just purchased the AMT 123 kenworth cabover. I'm just picking up the old glue and brush again after many years. I still have many of my old builds, including some from when I was 9yrs old. Of course they are glue bombs, but I love them too! I have a load of builds that are still holding up, as I built them pro. Not sure if I'm still a high caliber builder as I used to be...I'll see. Just want to connect with a fellow model truck builder...Dave (osiris_guitar@yahoo.copm)


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