Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peterbilt 352 COE - Blue me away

Here is yet another truck I really enjoy. Back in 1972 I built a model of this truck, the kit was by AMT. It came with the trailer, and when built up it was a Budweiser truck.
That's another one of those models now long gone - given away when we moved here 24 years ago. I wish someone would re-issue that kit.

Well, I was on another truck site searching for pictures. I came across this one of a nicely done Pete 352 - simple elegance with just the right amount of pin-striping. I couldn't resist. If ever I find a 352 kit, I want to build it like this one.

Here is the picture as found ----

Here is how I did it up in Photoshop ----

Thanks to Hank's Truck Forum for the picture - special thanks to the submitter!!!!

UPDATE OF 5/30/09

Thanks to Jarrett Hallvin for his comment and sending me this picture of the model he built of his dads' truck --- subject of this post!!

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  1. This was my dad's truck until 2007 or so when he sold it to the current owner. My grandpa bought the truck new and my dad bought it from him. The truck means a lot to me. I did a model kit based on the truck - just as you stated you wanted to do. I would like to post photos of the completed kit if I can figure out how.


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