Sunday, July 05, 2009

That Skeleton In Your Closet --

Spent this weekend on a project I have been putting off for way to long -- finding a place in our house for all my truck models and die-casts --- all 44 of them.

It was during that process that I decided the closet in my computer room need to be checked out --
glad I did, because I had forgotten that I had stored the subject of this post in a corner of that closet.

What I found was something I did back in 1972 when we lived in OKC, a jigsaw puzzle of a late 60's Kenworth and Thermo King Reefer. I'm glad I decided to mount it, and even happier that it has survived.

It now holds a place of honor in what will become my "TRUCK ROOM" ---

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  1. I have that same puzzle somewhere. You just reminded me of it! I need to go searching!


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