Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alens REO

I recently received the following e-mail along with some GREAT pics of a REO belonging to ALLEN VERMAN ----

hi there
ran across your site with the pic. of the old REO truck and thought that since you like old trucks so much i'd send a couple pictures of my '34.
i have had virtually no luck finding pictures of a truck like mine anywhere, it's a model 1B, without a bed at the moment untill i find a suitable style to use as a model.
we are wondering what this truck did for a living, the thing has lots of miles, but the secondary springs are not worn, other drive train parts show quite a bit of wear.
another truck nut
allen verman
cuba, ohio

Thanks Allen for the e-mail and the great pics --- NICE TRUCK YOU LUCKY MAN!!!

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