Monday, March 15, 2010


From the instruction sheet for the MONOGRAM 1926 MACK AC BULLDOG TANK TRUCK KIT -----

"Perhaps the most well known name in the annals of trucking history is the MACK model AC - or "Bulldog", as it became known by the American soldiers in World War I. Production of the famous Bulldog, with it's characteristic hood shape, was started in 1915 and continued through 1935. It served proudly and well in every conceivable function where a truck could be used. The term "BUILT LIKE A MACK TRUCK" became a popular phrase to describe anything solid and dependable."

Recently MONOGRAM re-released one of their MACK kits, the MACK AC TANK TRUCK --- shown above. Originally produced with TEXACO markings, this kit has two options -- the one shown on the box, and the one my build.

I chose to take pictures of the truck by itself and with my 1972 build of the Mack AC stake truck --

If you build this kit be careful to follow instructions by steps!! Pay close attention to frame build up that you square the ends of all cross-members so they fit against the chassis rails. Also make sure the rear engine cross-member support is mounted properly.

This was a fun build that I would do again.  The red tank was painted, but the rest of the truck was not --- I would suggest painting cab, hood, and tank all red.


  1. That 72 build sure is in good shape. Love that old GARGLE OIL tanker too ---

  2. I too have built the stake,truck but in 2010.As you said much care should be taken with proper component alignment etc.These kits are not for the faint hearted,although if you take your time and use care ,they turn out an excellent model.I have also kitbashed the red circus water tank truck at the Circus World Museum,in Baraboo,Wi.I have driven and worked on this truck many times,and I must say,the models are accurate down to the last detail.i"m sort of computer illiterate or I would post a pic.of the CWM truck on it.I'm going to try a bashed fire truck one of these days to add to my 1/24 scale collection,spongebob

  3. Photo of Bulldog oil truck is outstanding. A big "thank you" as the photo shows where the headlights go...can't find the instructions showing same, even though parts are there on the kit.

    Side note, about 1/24 scale: it is the closest production model kit scale to G-gauge railroad stock (at 1/22.5), like LGB brand products and Lionel's battery powered Pennsylvania RR offering this last Christmas season.

    Love that stake body truck!

  4. I just came across a Model Kit of a 1926 Mack Bulldog Dump Truck. Its brand new still has the Shrink rape around it. If anyone is interested. I need to sell.


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