Friday, February 25, 2011


As I said in a previous post, I just recently obtained another memory from the past -- two kits from Round 2.
The first kit was the AMT Fruehauf 40' beaded trailer, which was done as a trailer for INTERSTATE MOTOR FREIGHT SYSTEM, a once big trucking concern that went out of business in 1984.

The second kit was also a Round 2 release -- the AMT Kenworth K 123. This kit actually contains the decals to finish the trailer and do the truck. You will notice in the attached video the erroneous addition of the newer logo to the truck cab -- that done because the truck is totally fictitious, IMFS apparently did not use Kenworths in their fleets.



  1. I also bought both of the kits you used in the IMFS project. I also have several other coe and conventional tractors. You said IMFS didn't use Kenworth power. What did they use? I have tried to Google info about IMFS, but got no where. Please let me know what other brands may be more appropreate for IMFS power. Thanks!

    Alden Wetherby


  2. frittsg@bellsouth.net. My father went to work for Interstate in 1969 at bedford,pa as an otr driver out of the bedford relay. He retired from the Break bulk/relay at White Deer,Pa. in the late seventies.I went to work at Interstate as an otr driver in 1969.Also transferred to White Deer In 1974. Then transferred to Memphis, Tn after Interstate assumed the abandoned rights of Wilson and Strickland.I stayed with them till they closed in May 1984. Then I became a union o/o with Ryder Ranger and stayed there till 2006 till an injury forced me to retire.Have now fully recovered and in the process of getting my own ICC-MC # and becoming a fully independent for another five years. Would enjoy communicating with others that remember the old freight hauler days.Re: Type of tractors Interstate used. In late fifties it was nearly all B model macks, and the old diesel powered White Mustang cabs and a few Emeryvilles between Buffalo and Chicago.They were still running the Mustang cabs, plus 400 9000 series Auto Car cab Whites (9000's had the turbo charged custom torgue Cummins with speed transmissions) in 1969,50 small cab Internationals (like Associated Transport ) when I started along with U model Macks and fifty 950 series fords. The Fords and Mustang Whites Internationals had 250 hp Cummins with 10 speeds. The Macks had the "gutless" 711 with duplexes. Then in the seventies came the CO "road commodes" Whites and fifty "skinney cab" CO Macks all w/250 Cummins. Then till they closed it was Louisville Fords and Internationals with various Detroit and Cummins engines.

  3. frittsg@bellsouth.net Me again!btw I drove 238 gas burner Brockways for Whitescarver Trans Carlstadt, NJ, the house carrier for Grand Union (got my union card there) Then went onto Cardinale Trucking @ Secaucus,NJ where i drove #39 a 350 Brockway with a 250 Cummins. Then onto Oneida Motor Freight for a few months in 1968-69 with the old B models and U models before hiring on with Interstate in May 1969. Btw before Whitescarver/Grand Union it was an old New England MtR Frght. gas burner Auto Car w/an 8 speed. Was brought home from the hospital as a new born baby in my father's KB7 International cattle truck. He used to haul cattle out of Cortland New York back to NJ where we were dairy farmers and cattle dealers.


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