Monday, May 23, 2011

FREE MODEL -- Pete 379 and Borden Trailer

This model is free to download, you will need at least 110lb card stock, ADOBE reader, and a good color printer -- did I say these were free?  I just priced 500 sheets of card stock, well at this point it's still cheaper than plastic kits.

The model is one cool looking Pete 379 with a trailer in Borden markings, the download link is below the last trailer picture, or just click this ---- 18 Wheeler Series Papercraft: Peterbilt 379 Semi Truck & Borden Trailer. This will take you to a licence agreement page, agree and you will go to the pdf page. Save this so you can print the model -- password  to open the model in ADOBE is paper-relika. com ----- You will also need to print out the instructions for this from the online page -- do this on regular paper and save some money!!!


  1. I do not know the scale of your model and the pass word does not work !!!! I copied pasted it and still it does not work

    1. You can not copy and paste the password --

  2. Sorry every time I try the password in Adobe it will not accept so i cannot tell if your model will suit my needs I work in 1/48 scale

  3. IF YOU MUST SEND ME AN EMAIL ON THIS POST PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ---- I have recieved a couple of emails about this model, there is no problem with the download if you follow directions, the password is case sensitive ---


  4. Ok thank you , tried again and it came right up

    I am going to try and remake livery to Speedway Express Ltd , you already have the unit in red which is nice I will also try and increase size as all my stuff is 1/50 or 1/48 scale

    Thanks for all your work


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