Sunday, December 16, 2012

What am I? or WAI -- A Place for Truck Nuts

If you are a Truck Nut like myself you will love the Truck Forum I just joined - a very informal joint called, JUST OLD TRUCKS. But if you really want to have some fun, and you think you know old trucks, consider Jeff Lakascyk's  WHAT AM I? or WAI? in case you didn't catch that first link.

So, how do you join in the fun? REGISTER!!! Become a member of this forum!!! How does the WAI? work? Well every day Jeff posts a different picture of an old or rare make truck for you to identify. He's pretty good at removing identifying marks.

Kind of like this ---

Todays truck is an oldie, can you name it? Bonus points for the tractor pulling it out of the ditch!

Now, Isn't this fun -- see you there!!!


  1. I have just come accross your video of advertising pictures of 1940's IHC trucks.
    In 1952 my late father was using two K6 tippers similar to the one shown at 1.09 minutes in your video.They were originally supplied to the City of London to help with clearing up the rubble left by the Blitz of WW2 (1939 to 1945).
    The trucks were sold on after the war and my father operated these two as a sub-contractor to a company which hauled hardcore for use in foundation for building, roads etc. At one time he was working on runway extentions for USAAF bases in Suffolk UK.
    The trucks had Garwood tipping gear which was very powerful and allowed the truck to operate on uneven groud without twisting the ram.
    The IHC's gave him very good service.
    Thank you for your video and allowing my reminiscence. I shall be 80 this year and I still enjoy motoring. If you send me your e-mail address I will try and send you one or two old pictures. I have tried to e-mail you through the link on your website but I cannot get it to work. Best regards, Malcolm. (Portland, Dorset UK)e-mail p.atherton2@btinternet.com

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