Sunday, October 12, 2008

1956 Mack B-61 - Astoria, New York

I have been spending the weekend in Astoria, Queens, New York. Last night we took a walk down by the East River and spotted this Mack truck sitting in a Toyota / Mitsubishi truck dealership at 14 Vernon Blvd. It was in mint condition - wish I could drive it back home.

This truck can also be seen at Google Maps.


  1. Hello gdmurph. It's a lovely truck indeed! I came across your website because I've been looking for Mack truck fans. I don't know if you're one, but you surely sound very knowledgeable on trucks.
    I guess I just wonder why many people's just fascinated by the brand. Is it because of the beauty of the trucks? Or is it because it's got a long history? Nobody's been able to give me a good answer... Why's a Mack truck a Mack truck? What sets it apart from any other truck??
    I hope you can help me!!!

    Regards from the southern hemisphere,


  2. Hello P -

    Thanks for the comment. I wish I were more of an authority about trucks. I will admit that my preference is for older Macks and Peterbilts. There is somethig artistic in the way these trucks come off. I grew up in the 50's and 60's. Here in NY, you saw many Macks and Brockways.

    If you want some more info. about the marque, try some of the truck links on the side bar. I especially like Hanks Truck Forum, and Straight Stack. There is also
    a Web Site devoted to Mack - look in Google.

    Thanks again for the comment, hope you keep coming back.


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